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Technical Agronomic Manager (TAM)

Ghana, Ghana

RSG Brazil
International Opportunity

Location: Ghana
Client: International 


POSITION: Technical Agronomic Manager


  • The Technical Agronomic Manager (TAM) is the lead implementer of yearly scheduled cropping calendar and activities for the realization of set crop production goals.
  • Must have an in-depth knowledge in both Agronomy and Mechanization, with a responsibility for developing and promoting best agronomic practices   for the conservation of the environment and the realization of optimal yields, in the most cost-effective manner.
  • The  manager must at all times demonstrate professionalism which encompasses all levels of personnel, as well as responsibility for his action and that of His subordinates. The ability to maintain confidential information, and acting in the interest of the company is paramount.


Participates in the development of annual production plans and associated budgets and guides in    the compilation of seasonal input requirements. Prepares detailed seasonal cropping plan with costs and protocols; from the opening of new cultivable areas to the final processing of the harvested crops;

With management team, Prepare and Presents list of inputs required for production of agreed crops and acreages from which operational implementation plans and budgets are developed for the year;

Advises on the chemical composition of inputs required based on soil analysis, prevailing pests and diseases, and levels of active ingredients that have little or no negative impact on the soil and environment, for the purchase of inputs that meet the quality requirements, fair price and have low or no impact on the environment To work directly with the mechanization and agronomic supervisors, for the implementation of planed production activities;

Development of routine technical and operational plan for the maintenance and deployment of required equipment throughout the cropping season. Approve tasks assigned to operators by the respective supervisors based on their competencies and recommendations from supervisors;

Perform various tests with different varieties, agrochemicals, fertilizers, biological products, cover crops for the best recommendation of the production process. Advise on type of equipment required, the dimensions of machines and infrastructure to optimize the production and harvesting process;

Ensure schedules are adhered to by supervisors for the realization of set goals. Guides supervisors, and when indicated advice management team for review of planned assignments.
Grooming and Training of supervisors as trainers in specific ancillary skills for impartation to other operators.  Areas for acquisition of ancillary skills include but not limited to the underlisted;

Guide for opening new áreas;

Guide for proper soil preparation practices and adopt the technical recommendations on use of agrochemicals and fertilizers gravitating to the use of the best chemical and biological inputs that will assure the conservation of soil and plants.

  • Empower supervisors to train machine operators to diligently perform the underlisted routine task
  • Perform the calibrations of equipment:  planters, sprayer, fertilizer spreader, GPS, autopilot, no-till and harrows to assure the dispensing of recommended doses of agrochemicals.
  • Guide personnel to ensure Calibration of harvesters are set in alignment of planting distances.
  • Supervision and guide of seed and fertilizer distribution.
  • Machine maintenance.

  • Adopt the best technical recommendations on use of agrochemicals and fertilizers to ensure biological conservation of soil fauna, flora and plants.
  • Ensure stringent monitoring and management of pests
  • Adopt the best proven recommendation to optimize yields and enhance production.
  • Check the quality of fertilizers and seeds
  • Setup demonstration and trial fields for promoting agricultural strategies to counter the effects of changes in soil, climate, weather, and pest damage

  • Assess and guide irrigation period to enhance crop yield.
  • Develop better planting, cultivation, and harvesting techniques
  • Visit fields to collect seed, plant, insects, and soil samples for monitoring of fields under irrigation.
  • Guide personnel to ensure Calibration of harvesters are set in alignment of planting distances.
  • Supervision and guide of seed and fertilizer distribution.
  • Machine maintenance.

  • Accountable for the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) needs and wellbeing of employees, contractors and visitors of the department.
  • Ensure that the right Personal Protective Clothing (PPE) are worn by the employees of the department for all operations
  • Participate in staff selection and recruitment for the department
  • Take responsibility for performance measurement and appraisal of direct reports and coordinate with HR to ensure that all appraisal reports for the entire department are completed on time
  • Take responsibility for personnel training and development

  • Degree in Technical Agronomist or Agronomist
  • Five years working experience with mechanized farm with large-scale production (soybeans, corn and sorghum more than 1,000 Hectares), no-tillage, crop rotation model and cover crop,

  • Strong communication and negotiation skills.
  • Supervisory and management experience.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to manage time and prioritize work
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge for fertilizer calculations
  • Knowledge with agrochemicals and active ingredient calculations (herbicide, fungicide, insecticide and biological products),
  • Knowledge to develop technical and operational activity plans
  • Knowledge with agricultural machines in the aspect of maintenance, preservation and calibration of precision equipment (planters, spreaders, sprayers, GPS, autopilot, combine harvester).

Wages: Dollar - open to negotiation
Start in Ghana - end of November 2021.

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